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Michael Farzam MD

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The West Hills community is accustomed to a lifestyle that includes top-notch medical care, but even the clinics and hospitals can’t match the kind of care available with House Call Doctor Los Angeles, provided by Dr. Michael Farzam. By servicing the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Farzam gives the Urgent Care West Hills were not even aware they could enjoy. In fact, Dr. Farzam also provides Urgent Care in Calabasas and throughout the San Fernando Valley, as well as all of Greater Los Angeles.

Urgent Care in West Hills need not involve a trek up the 101 to a packed clinic or emergency room. In fact, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is accustomed to meeting patients at their homes, offices, worksites, or even hotel rooms for out-of-town visitors who didn’t expect to get ill in LA. By providing urgent care in West Hills, Dr. Farzam attends to the needs of both residents of West Hills and those who are visiting and would rather not drive to a busy clinic in an unfamiliar city.

While it may seem like the concept of the doctor making house calls is antiquated, House Call Doctor Los Angeles has been in business for over a decade. In fact, the concierge medicine business is becoming more popular as more people have decided that they would rather meet with an unhurried physician in the privacy and comfort of their home rather than trekking out to the hospital. This is especially true for patients who have chronic conditions that may flare up and they would rather get their urgent care at home than having to go out to see the doctor, since they would rather not spend so much time in the doctor’s office.

Wherever you are in need of medical care in Greater Los Angeles, Dr. Farzam can come to you for Urgent Care in Pasadena all the way to the San Fernando Valley. The house call is very much alive, and urgent medical care is just a phone call away, by dialing (310) 849-7991 or by visiting the website at www.HouseCallDoctorLA.com for more information. In most cases, Dr. Farzam is able to take same-day appointments, even on weekends or holidays, 24/7, 365 days a year. Dr. Farzam and his team of medical professionals look forward to helping you soon.